Descendants Spouses

The non-descendant birth-parent of a descendant child is referred to in the system as a spouse.

The term also applies to a 'wife' upon 'traditional marriage' as well as 'defacto' and other relationships.

The Spouse details are stored in a separate database, but are linked back to the descendant.

A descendant can have multiple spouse records associated with his record, but if no children are involved, a spouse record is not mandatory for the system to work.

There are instances where in later generations, the spouse can also be a descendant. In these cases a spouse record must be entered against each descendant.

If children are involved, the 'Prime Descendant Rule' applies. The descendant with the shortest lineage back to the founder becomes the 'Prime Descendant' and is recorded as the descendant parent of a child.

Records are designed so that a descendant is only recorded once in the descendant database, but other lineage is shown in reports.