The idea for this software was conceived and a prototype was developed in early 2014. The major advantage of a Web Hosted system was that the records were not kept at one location and could be updated by more than one person that had authorised access. A web site means that descendants have access to updates as soon as they are posted on the website, including newsletters and upcoming events.

The suite of programs are designed to be viewed with a web browser with the programs and data residing on a computer with :-

The Server Computer Can be :-

Note For Android Users

A Stand Alone Server Version has been tested on Tablets Android Kit-Kat and Lollipop.

Because each manufacture adds its own nuances on top of standard android releases it is not intended to pursue a "universal" version of this software for Android devices, as the skill sets required, to configure a server and adapt file structures, are beyond that of most standard android device users.