Base Structure

This software differs from some family tree structures in that instead of showing an individuals Heritage/Blood lines, it starts with a founding ancestor,then shows their descendants.

The start point of this software is establishing who the founding ancestor is to be. Each descendant added has a unique Identification Number allocated by the system, and a unique Lineage Sequence Code. The Lineage Sequence Code is a string of characters that after the initial set up is generated using the child number (eg 4) and generation (eg third generation) and the Lineage Sequence code of the descendant parent. This effectively allows the production of Heirarchical structures. An example of one of the structures would be :-


The premise for this system to work is that both biological parents must be entered in the system before a descendant child can be entered.

The term "spouse" is used for the non-descendant parent, to cater for all biological parents. The system can cater for instances where the other parent is not known or is undisclosed (See Spouses).

If required, the system can recognise adopted, foster and step children (See Graftees).